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Monthly School Course Tutoring
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Available for Grades 5-12
High-Achieving tutors work with students to focus on a variety of subjects, from Math and Science to ELA!

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ACT Prep Tutoring Program
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Available for Grades 10-12
This 8- or 12-week study plan includes hands-on instruction, free practice tests, and diagnostic testing.

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Customizable Plans Available
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Available for Grades K-12
Have specific tutoring needs? Contact a Tutor Placement Specialist today to customize your plan!

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PreSCHOLAR Tutoring Program
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Available for ages 3-5
Get Ready for Kindergarten and Develop Foundational Skills with Experienced Tutors!

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“I want LEAP Education to be the people, tutors, and role models I needed throughout my education.” -Alexa Wolf, Founder


Founder, Alexa Wolf, spent most of her undergraduate career tutoring, teaching, and instructing students on how to be better and more efficient learners. After she graduated in 2017 with a BA in English, she knew she couldn’t give up her passion for helping students. She considered sticking with one of the numerous tutoring companies in Kansas City, but after working for most of them, she knew she wanted to do things differently. We want tutoring not to be a single-subject study session, but an experience that motivates students to learn, giving them the confidence to excel in their classes. We want to get students excited for their education. We want tutoring to be an ever-progressing project, not a group of static, independent interactions.


Learning: We want students to get excited about learning. We want school to be a place of possibility, not obligation, and for students to know that failure and uncertainty are a part of the learning process and strongly encouraged.

Exploring: Our students will learn how to explore: books, ideas, concepts, goals, careers. The world is full of information and students will learn how to explore their surroundings and resources to answer the questions they might not have even asked yet.

Achieving: In supporting students when they fall short, LEAP tutoring will help students reach the level of success that they desire to attain and beyond. From celebrating little victories to congratulating their major successes, students will know that their LEAP tutor is always there to support them!

Preparing: Teaching students invaluable study skills will not only help them in their current courses, but all endeavors in the future, from acing the ACT to passing the BAR exam. LEAP tutors are lifelong learners and effective instructors, inspiring students to develop a passion for learning while giving them the tools to learn effectively and efficiently for years to come.

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