Studying for the ACT: How Tutoring Can Help

Studying for the ACT can be a very overwhelming task for high school students. There are plenty of different approaches and choosing the best for your student can be challenging. Each student is different, so before deciding what route to take, it is best to look at all the options available and see what would work best!

Group Studying

Studying in groups for the ACT can be a very effective way to stay accountable. Group work often allows the students to  think through the answers aloud, helping any students struggling with the concepts to stay ahead. Group studying can also help students see the areas where they are strongest, as well as the areas where they need further studying. Studying with peers can be a very effective method for students. Unfortunately, fear of seeming like “the only one” that doesn’t understand a concept can keep students from expressing confusion or lack of knowledge. Likewise, students are also easily distracted by one another if they do not have a facilitator keeping them on track. It’s important that every student focus and feel supported during studying

Studying Alone

When a student knows their weak points within the ACT, studying alone can give them the opportunity to focus primarily on those concepts. However, if the student isn’t sure where to start or what to prioritize, studying alone can do more harm than good. Students often need supplemental instruction during their studying  in order to help them choose the right program and right pace for their learning style and needs.

Practice Tests

Not all studying has to be reviewing and learning concepts! One of the most effective means of studying is taking practice tests. By mimicking the environment of an actual test– starting at 8am in a quiet, private area while timing each section– students can get more comfortable with not only the test content, but also the timing and testing strategies needed to succeed. However, interpreting the test results can be difficult for students to do alone. Parents can help their children look at what they missed and can focus on those concepts. If they’re having trouble prioritizing and planning their study time, an ACT tutor is the best way to do!

Studying for the ACT with a Tutor

Studying for school coursework on top of the ACT, while also balancing extracurriculars and college applications, is a lot of responsibility for a high school student. By letting a tutor take the lead on the ACT, students will be able to focus on the most important aspects of studying. Tutors can help students prioritize what to learn, while encouraging them to speak up about what is confusing them. Students who study with a tutor can increase their score by an average of six points! If your student is struggling to find their bearings while studying for the ACT, check out what LEAP Education Tutors have to offer today!


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