Kindergarten Tutoring: Are They Ready for First Grade?

Kindergarten is often thought of as a fun and creative environment for students to play with others and learn their shapes, colors, and number. However, most don’t realize that Kindergarten is where young students learn content and skills that they will carry with them throughout their education. Social skills, simple addition and subtraction, sight-word recognition, reading comprehension, and problem-solving skills are robustly formed in Kindergarten. If you’re worried that your student is falling behind in their class, there are multiple aspects to consider when deciding if Kindergarten Tutoring is right for your family.


Throughout Kindergarten, students should be learning to “sound-out” various consonant and vowel sounds, as well as recognize sight words. They should also have significant improvement in reading and listening comprehension. These concepts are the foundation that the students will build on in first grade; without them, students can easily fall behind and form patters of struggle in this subject.


Although the basics of math are taught at this age, students are not only introduced to simple numbers. Kindergarten Students are supposed to be learning patterns, shapes, and counting money in class. Much like reading basics, these skills are the foundation for much harder skills concepts taught in first grade and beyond. Mastering these smaller skills are essential for success in first grade. Kindergarten tutoring in math is a great supplement for students who seem to be struggling with these concepts.



Knowing how things work can inspire children to love school. The sciences can help establish curiosity and can get kids excited to explore the world.  Encouraging young students to be curious from the beginning of their education through studying science can fuel their passion for overall learning. Without jump-starting their curiosity, students can often lack problem-solving skills, as well as focus and determination. Kindergarten tutoring can give a student personalized attention to help them work on their critical thinking skills, as well as motivate them to love the learning process.


Kindergarten Tutoring: Let’s Get Ready for First Grade!

If you feel that your student is lacking experience in one or more of these aspects of curriculum, Kindergarten Tutoring will be the best fit for your family! With LEAP Education, all of our Kindergarten tutors are professional, experienced and hold a degree in a related field. LEAP tutors know how to inspire, incite curiosity, and keep learning fun, so your kindergartner is ready for first grade!


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