Summer Tutoring: Why It’s Essential

As the weather starts heating up and school starts cooling down, many students prepare themselves for a summer of shutting down their brains. Between summer sports, vacations, and the (occasional) video game, kids aren’t exactly getting the mental stimulation needed to keep an academic year’s worth of information in their noggins. According to a Harvard study, kids can lose up to 2.5 months‘ worth of school material in the short 3 months of summer break. Yikes! Summer tutoring is a great way to incorporate structured, fun, and stimulating activities into their busy summers!

Keep them focused

While summer is fun, it can often make students forget everything they learned past academic year! Providing students with mental stimulation 1-3 times per week can keep them on their toes and keep their brains active before starting a new school year.

Keep them busy

Structure and schedules are so important in kids’ lives. Summer activities can take up a lot of times for kids. Sports practice, summer camp, family vacations: it keeps them busy! However, how much of that time is spent on preparing them for the upcoming school year? Kids need mental stimulation. While swimming and sports are fun, they need ways to exercise their brains. Summer Tutoring can help them keep busy- and give parents a small break- through a structured, fun approach!

Catch up, Stay on Track, Get ahead

Summer is an excellent time for students to work on material they didn’t originally understand, reinforce difficult concepts, or learn upcoming lessons. Without the distractions of homework and extracurricular activities, summer provides students with the ability to really focus on their studies. Students can feel confident in a relaxed learning environment. Best of all, the promise of no tests can make learning fun again!

Summer Tutoring with LEAP

Summer provides unique opportunities for students to become better prepared for their upcoming school year. Every student deserves a break. However, when it comes to education, it is important to learn to take a rest, not to stop moving forward entirely. Help your student get ahead! Reach out to LEAP Education to meet with our tutoring specialists!

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