The Top 7 Ways to Increase Your ACT Score in Two Weeks

You work full-time. You’ve been preparing for the state championship. School finals have been kicking your butt. There are PLENTY of reasons why studying for the ACT can sometimes sit on the back-burner for a while, and they’re all legitimate! Unfortunately, the test is now quickly approaching and you find it is time to cram. But does that ever actually work? No, not really. You most likely won’t remember half of what you cram into your brain the few days before the exam. However, there are ways to increase your ACT score quickly that are effective and can make a huge difference on your final scores!

Set (Realistic) Score Goals

Even if you don’t know what university or college you will attend, having a rough idea of the score you need to get into your top five schools is essential. Research the average score of each school you are applying to and aim for scores close to those. Be realistic. You won’t increase your score from a 23 to a 36 in two weeks. Your brain can’t handle that much!

Figure Out How Many  Questions You Can Miss

Surprisingly enough, you can get only 60% of the questions correct on the ACT and still get way above the national average. The key is to answer the questions you definitely KNOW correctly and not waste time trying to get the correct answers on questions covering concepts you don’t know.

Don’t Study What You Already Know

Know what you know, and know what you don’t know. Once you figure that out, studying because much easier and time-efficient. Don’t review commas if you are the comma queen. However, if you don’t know what “geometry” is, you should probably start there.

Study Concepts That You Can Learn Quickly

If you don’t know SohCahToa by now, you probably won’t know it come test day. Instead, look at studying concepts that you can memorize, like the quadratic formula or grammar rules. These concepts can be studied and memorized easily (and probably forgotten right after the test, but that’s life, isn’t it?).

Memorize Study Strategies

The ACT is not just testing your knowledge; it’s testing your ability to take a test. Read up on ways that the ACT writers/gods are tricking you or trying to trip you up. Memorize strategies to help you identify when they’re trying to mess with your head. Know the test maker and you’ll be a better test taker. If you’re a better test taker, you’ll increase your ACT score in two weeks without even having to study actual material.

Time Your Studying

You have a certain amount of time per section of the ACT. That also means that you have a certain amount of time per question of the ACT. Figure out what that it and adjust your studying accordingly. Finally getting that trig question after 20 minutes of problem-solving doesn’t help you at all on test day. Also, learn the questions that you don’t know, guess on them immediately, and use that time toward more time-consuming questions that you can figure out.

Take Practice Exams to Increase Your ACT Score

Practice makes perfect, right? The more familiar you are with the test itself, the more comfortable you’ll be during the 8am test. The best way to take practice exams is to mimic actual ACT conditions. Luckily, LEAP Education offers these types of Practice Exams two weeks before test days all year-round… and they’re completely free! Check out for more information on upcoming FREE, fully-proctored ACT Tests.




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