How to Study for Finals: Part Two

So, you are coming up on finals. You have huge cumulative tests in most of your classes, a few big projects, and you have to write the longest paper you ever have in your life. You also have choir or orchestra concerts and plans with friends who you cannot see over break, maybe a school dance. The point is, everything is really, really busy. Everything just seemed to decide to fall on a one to two week stretch and maybe you were prepared as you could be, maybe you procrastinated. I know I commonly did the latter, but either way you are here now and you have a lot to do and it is overwhelming, how are you going to do it? Lucky for you, you are not alone, I have been through the same things, I am going through them right now, and so have students for quite a while now. We have picked up a few tricks that can help you out. That being said, here are some ways to study and prepare for finals.

Make a List

My biggest piece of advice on how to study for finals is to write all the things you have to do down. This can sometimes be a little daunting to see the many things you need to accomplish written down and listed out. But, writing it all can keep you from forgetting anything. It also can help you plan. Once you have everything listed out, take into account how much time you have for each thing and start to plan and break up what you have to do each day. Do not over-pack any of your days unless you absolutely have to. When you miss completing one day could make you more likely to continue getting further and further behind. Not only will this keep you organized and on the right pace, crossing things off the list as you go can really help you feel like you are well on your way to finishing everything out. 

It’s All About the Prep!

You should also prepare a good environment, minimize distractions, and think about studying with a partner as you can keep each other on task and on schedule. Wondering how to study for finals? It is almost the exact same. But I would like to especially stress a couple areas of it, sleep especially. Dedicated, albeit procrastinating students can fall into a trap of working late at night and not getting enough rest for the following morning. However, this time period is when sleep is most important. Things are really busy, and you need to be able to think and recall about as well as ever right now. The best way to improve this is to get plenty of sleep, not spend all night working and forget about taking care of yourself. Another thing different about finals is the stress they carry. They can have a huge impact on some class grades and that can be pretty scary sometimes. So, especially stress doing things like taking practice tests, maybe utilizing a Quizlet, and if you have a presentation to practice it a lot.

How to Study for Finals

Use your list, tackle one thing or piece of a larger project at a time and try to place your energy into crossing each piece off of the list and try your best not to get overwhelmed. Just work it all down until you finish and remember that you are almost to a well-deserved break. If you would like some more help, look into getting a little help from a tutor; they will be happy to help guide and prepare you to tackle these weeks!


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